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Why should you Back Up Data?

Because Ransomware can steal all of them!

Did you know that Ransomware attacks can lock you out of your own data? And the sneaky virus has so far stolen both professional and personal data from millions of users. But you can save your precious memories, work files and more from Ransomware attacks with Right Backup. It is an easy and affordable Cloud Storage App that keeps your data safe and secure. Experience a hassle-free way to store, share, access, and restore your documents, photos, videos, music, emails and more with this simple and efficient App.

Features at a glance

  • Prevention for Ransomware & virus attacks.
  • 100% automatic back up and easy sharing of photos, videos, music.
  • Secure Data storage with SSL Encryption on a remote cloud server.
  • All files stored on cloud are AES-256 encrypted.
  • An easy to use online backup solution.

The easiest online backup solution ever

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Amazing Features

Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup

You’ll never lose an important file again. Right Backup automatically backs up your files to the cloud every 12 hours.

Anywhere Access

Easy Access

All you need is an online account and you will always have your data files at your fingertips. Access your files anytime, anywhere!

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Your files are stored securely on remote servers using SSL encryption, ensuring that no one but only you are able to access them.

Quick Restore

Quick Restore

Right Backup uploads all your file versions by default. So you can restore any file you want within seconds. You can also go for the smart restoration option.

Back up multiple devices

Multi device Backup

You can backup data from any number of external devices with Right Backup. Just connect them to the parent device and your data will be automatically backed up on cloud.

Easy and affordable

Unlimited Data Storage

Once you upgrade your trial account, you can back up as many data files as you want. Now, that is an affordable and safe solution for all your data storage problems.

Data Theft is a Big Cyber Security Problem today

Right Backup can save you from all such threats

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